If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

What do you like best about your orthodontist?

“They make it a fun experience. My daughter thought the staff and office was awesome. Her friend told her it was like going to Disney Land!”

“Being a new patient, I like his reputation. The interaction with him so far has been wonderful. Dr. LaFerla and his staff are very helpful and nice. They also make the children feel at home and not afraid. This is a big plus!”

“I love what he did for my smile!”

“Dr. LaFerla is a ‘people person’ who cares about his clients, maintains high standards in the office, and hires the best people. This is a great combination.”

“Dr. LaFerla and his office staff are absolutely wonderful. They are working toward the best interest of their patients. I recommend them continually.”

“The staff are friendly, helpful, and creative. The building is beautiful and offers what appears to be cutting-edge technology for my daughter. Dr. LaFerla is also friendly and helpful. He supports our community and has given two of my daughters a beautiful smile!”

Please give us an example of how the Ortho Sesame service has helped you.

“I enjoyed looking at the picture section. I realize how much change has taken place, but looking at the pictures from where my daughter started and where she is now is amazing!”

“I love being able to log on and check appointment times as well as the financial information. I also enjoy looking at my before-treatment photos. It is amazing to watch my smile transform.”

“I can check my appointments as many times as I want and still not bother the people working at the office.”

“Since a call to the office is long distance, I can just look up the appointment without a long-distance call. I can also look up information after hours.”

“My husband was able to see photos and X-rays since he was not able to be at the appointment.”

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