What Sets Us Apart


Why Laferla Wilson Ortho has been voted #1 Orthodontist! 



Both Dr. Wilson and Dr. LaFerla grew up in the area and love practicing in the community where they were raised.  Being able to see friends and family in the practice daily, they truly feel at home while at the office.




Not only are Dr. Wilson and Dr. Laferla specialists in orthodontics, but they also achieved the highest level of orthodontic education by becoming Board Certified.  In fact, only 1/3rd of all orthodontists are Board Certified!!




Dr. LaFerla has practiced orthodontics for over twenty years and has created more happy smiles than he can count. High quality care has been his number one priority. He has also found great fulfillment in treating TMJ pain that so often goes unresolved.


Dr. Wilson practice as a general dentist before becoming an orthodontist which gives him a comprehensive understanding of dental health. He also practiced in the Army and treated many complex cases involving severe malocclusions and complicated jaw surgery cases.




LaFerla Wilson Ortho gives away multiple college scholarships every year to current and previous patients.  We also team with quarterly partners in the community to highlight local organizations in need of support.  We recently teamed with the Boys and Girls Club of Joplin, Lafayette House, Aspire, and Watered Gardens, and participated in many community events.




We utilize the most up to date technology to provide our patients with the most custom, convenient, and efficient treatment as possible.  We scan our patients’ teeth so there are no more goopy molds, and we utilize 3D imaging to allow us to see precise anatomy which is not possible on a traditional X-ray.  With clear retainers, we are even able to re-align your teeth easily if they have shifted after previous orthodontic treatment!




We understand our patients’ lives are busy so we offer starting treatment the same day as your evaluation in most cases, manage treatment with fewer in-office appointments, and can even make retainers for pick-up without the need for an additional appointment.  Just ask and we can scan your teeth today, it’s complimentary!



2401 S Tucker St
Pittsburg, KS 66762
2805 E 29th St
Joplin, MO 64804